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All About that Photo Shoot

And How to Prepare ~ by Elaine Warfield

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How to Prepare for your photo shoot

So you've contacted a photographer about a photo shoot of you and your pet or equine. How do you prepare mentally and physically? Take a deep breath, it's really quite simple.

Let's break it down.

Be prepared and on time; time is money, as they say. You don't want to be paying the photographer to stand around if you're not prepared to move right into the session.

Talk to the photographer when booking the session about the terms, and then confirm the details of the session on that day. Price, length of time, type of shots you'd like. How payment is to be made.

What is your goal for the session?

Do you want only social media type photos? Those generally are low resolution and perfectly fine to post to social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Are you interested in prints only or in addition? Ask for what you'd like, confirm the pricing and settle on the particulars for your session. Hopefully you spoke to the photographer about what you expect and would like before the actual day, but it certainly doesn't hurt to reconfirm your conversation.

Mention any particulars about how you'd like you and horse showcased. Before the session, ask yourself some simple questions...

What is my goal for this photography session?

Informal? Formal? Fun or serious? Do you want to capture your everyday moments with your horse or pet? If so, dress in your comfortable gear. Saddle up your horse in similar appropriate gear. Are you going to want head shots with your horse? Entire body head to toe? In either situation, make sure you're both looking your best. Remember the photographer is going to catch all the details. Do you have some special tack you'd like to show off? Talk with the photographer to let them know if you'd like them to pay special attention to any facet of the horse, tack, etc. Remember, it's all up to you.

Elaine Warfield Equine Photography
Photograph Elaine Warfield, Ilana Nicole Shimmel, St. Augustine Beach, Florida

What about a more formal photography session?

Model and Horsewoman Cody and Frisian gelding Kale. photography Elaine Warfield
Model Kate Halter, St. Augustine, Florida, Elaine Warfield photography

Have your outfit (s) prepared ahead of time, hair styled and makeup taken care of. Some people hire a makeup artist to help them out. If you don't know of one, ask the photographer for recommendations ahead of time. Know the terms of hiring a professional. You pay for that expense unless you and the photographer work out a special arrangement. Make sure the photographer is aware of any clothing changes and has allowed time if multiple outfits are to be worn. Lay everything out together in a secure area for each outfit change. It's very helpful if you have someone to assist you in case you get frazzled. But relax, it's for fun and memories are to be made that will last a long time.

Let the photographer know what type of shots you're going for.

You decide the moods! Fun, flirty, serious, solemn, moody... you get the idea.

Relax. Have fun.

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